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Photographing a wedding is our passion. As a professional photographer we will be committed to you and your wedding day. We are guaranteed to show up on time on your wedding day, no questions asked. When you hire us, we are contractually obligated to carry out the duties that you hired us to perform ! Thank you so much for stopping by the wedding photography site. We tried to make the site full of information including more about our photography style and pricing, galleries from weddings & events. Scroll down and enjoy.

We love what we click ! We click what we love !

Take a Look On Our Wedding Photography Work

Long time coverage

In Photography & videography. We think its very much important to give a maximum coverage of  an event.

From Entrance To The Grand Exit – Always Full Wedding photo & video Coverage .

We absolutely love weddings. It’s why we chosen to specialize in shooting them. As photographer, our job is to capture your story so looking back on the photos you can remember your special day. That’s why we feel it’s important to include full-day coverage in every wedding collection!

Special Duet & Portrait

The Bride & the Groom - The center of atraction in whole wedding story. So we prefer to go for a special session only for the couple to be wedded.

Creating Special Moments For You..

One of the keys of getting great duet and portrait photos is proper planning. We always try to create special moments for capturing those photos.

Moments of the Day

Different cultures have different types of rituals in all Indian weddings. Some moments are most important In a Bride or Groom's life.. We capture it in creative way for you to look back on after a long years.

No limit on clicking photos

indian weddings are full of emotions , happiness & enjoyable moments to be catured.

Details Matter

It may be an Engagement, Wedding rituals or Ceremony. Each and every details are mattered for us to be captured as an eye-catching candid photo.

These moments are so precious. In every wedding we capture them through story telling images to store for a lifetime.

We always try to capture each and every details in a every wedding photography assignment. And we always love to shoot the couple!

Fun & Excitement all around.

We Will Be There For All Of It

If you are looking for us during the reception look towards the dance floor. That is often where we will be documenting the fun, laughter, killer dance moves, and emotions of all your friends and family. You won’t find us on the edges of the room checking my phone to see what time it is.

Our Services

List of services we offer in Photography & Videography.


PRE- WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY - A pre-wedding shoot is when the soon to be newlyweds head out with their photographer to a location of their choice to capture some romantic images talk about the wedding day.
TRADITIONAL WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY - While traditional photography ensures that events are captured as they were intended to.
CANDID WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY - the beauty of candid wedding photography lies in the natural reactions of the people. It captures people in their truest emotions and brings out the feelings of that moment through a picture.
POST-WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY - An after session is an additional photo shoot, with you and your partner decked out in your wedding gear, that takes place anywhere from a few days to a few years after the wedding.
WEDDING RECEPTION PHOTO SHOOT - A wonderful way to get your guests together for one last hurrah.. before the wedding weekend is over. To Keep the party going on it helds right after your wedding with close friends and family.
MATERNITY PHOTOGRAPHY - As a maternity photographer, We mean. Photos are a great way to remember pregnancy days, It is a very special time in a woman's life. But with maternity photos in particular you need to have a practiced approach to your subject and some sensitivity too.
BABIES, KIDS PHOTOGRAPHY - Kids are an endless source of fascination – they’re experiencing the world for the first time and their reactions are unique and unadulterated. Capture these once-in-a-lifetime moments with the best in babies and kids photographers in the industry.
WEDDING ANNIVERSARY, THREAD CEREMONY, BIRTHDAY & OCASSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY- A professional event photographer is able to capture the best moments of your special event. Be it an engagement, a new arrival, or an anniversary. No matter how big or small - your favourite occasions can be retold through a series of beautiful, candid photographs.
PRIVATE & CORPORATE EVENT PHOTOGRAPHY - Event photography means taking pictures of employees and guests in corporate events such as conferences, birthday parties, Christmas parties, receptions and sales events. Corporate portrait photography means taking formal pictures of employees for websites, magazines and other various publications.


WEDDING VIDEOGRAPHY -Wedding videography is a video production that documents a wedding on video. The final product of the videographer's documentation is commonly called a wedding video. It is also referred to as a wedding movie, or a wedding film.


WEDDING CINEMATOGRAPHY/CINEMATIC WEDDING FILMS - cWedding Cinematography is a new term that sounds more and more couples who is to be married and are seeking videographers for their wedding. Within the wedding videography industry it has taken on the following meaning: It is captured and edited for the dramatic effect and mood.

Designing & Editing

PHOTO ALBUM / PHOTOBOOK DESIGNING & PRINTING - A photographic album, or photo album, is a series of photographic prints in the form of a book. Older style albums often were simply books of heavy paper which photos could be glued to or attached to with adhesive corners or pages.

PHOTO EDITING - As a wedding photographer, editing photography is one of the responsibilities that comes with the job. We edit all types of photos like wedding and pre wedding maternity photos.

VIDEO EDITING - As a wedding photographer, editing photography is one of the responsibilities that comes with the job. We edit all types of photos like wedding and pre wedding maternity photos.

In Photography we offer

Pre-wedding Photography, Candid Wedding Photography, Engagement Photography, Ring ceremony Photography, Post-wedding Photography, Maternity Photography, Couple Photography, Birthday Photography, Anniversary Photo shoot, New-born Babies & Kids Photography, Thread ceremony Photography, Commercial, Outdoor & Events Photography.

In Videography & Cinematography we offer

Pre-wedding Cinematic Videography, Cinematic Wedding Videography, Engagement Videography, Ring ceremony Videography, Post-wedding Videography, Maternity Videography, Birthday Videography, Anniversary Photo-shoot, New-born Babies & Kids Videography, Thread ceremony Videography, Outdoor & Events Videography. We also do Drone video-shoot, Cinematic pre-wedding film & Wedding Cinematography too.

Development Process

We provide all types of video Editing service in Bhubaneswar: Pre-wedding Cinematic Video, Cinematic Wedding Video, Engagement Video, Ring ceremony Video, Post-wedding Video, Maternity Video, Birthday Video, Anniversary Photo-shoot, New-born Babies & Kids Video, Thread ceremony Video, Commercial, Outdoor & Events Video. Drone video, Cinematic pre-wedding video.

We Also Provide Photo Editing, Photo Album Designing & Printing Service to our clients In Bhubaneswar.

What Our Happy Costumers Say

Every single photo was one I was proud of. Thank you for the most amazing job Snapcity did on our engagement & preshoot. Two years has passed and I still love looking at them all. Our photo book is priceless! Great service and lovely behavior of the whole team such as it's my 2nd family. The best photographer and I do recommend Snapcity, Bhubaneswar to everyone!


They were on time, worked very diligently without disturbing the vibe of the wedding, and took stunningly beautiful photos. They delivered the processed photos within four weeks. I highly recommend them.

Nitish Kumar

Each and every single picture of Snapcity is just too beautiful and eyecatching.. One of the best wedding photography team with an amazing and very friendly behaviour <3


I loved how they make their clients comfortable before shoots! loved their work!


Timely, great quality and a very cooperative team. They went out of the way to ensure album was to our liking, did multiple videos. Overall great experience as they captured the specials moments so well.


One of the best photography i have witnessed. Its really enjoying to see the techniques they used to take a single best shot.


 (Photography & Videography)

Industry standard full Format & high end crop sensor Digital SLR Cameras
Full HD & 4K Video Cameras
Gadgets Companies (Canon/Nikon/Sony/Panasonic)
Studio Flash Systems: Elinchrom, Simpex, Digitek
Tripods, , Gimbles, Steadycams, Trails Etc.
LED Screen/Panel/Projectors/TV (If Required with addition charges)
Cranes & Jibs with video camera (If Required with addition charges)

 (Photography & Videography)

Creative Candid Photo Shoot Experts
Weddimg Cinematography Experts
More than 20 professional wedding Photographers, videographers & Cinematographers are working with us.
Video Camera men having experience of more than 200 wedding events covered.
Experts who can take care both Traditional & Candid Photography
Cinematic Videographers
Spot Boys (Installation & Uninstallation) team members

Development Process 

Photobook Designing, Development & Dispatch Process

Approx. No of Photographs Non Edited
After Event - All Photographs Handover to Client (No Of Days)
No Days for Final Selection Receipt (Selction done by Client only)
No of Photographs (Selected By Client)(5 To 6 Photo Per Sheet)
No of Sheets in Photobook (1 Sheets = 2 Pages)
No of Pages in Photobook
No of Photographs Used Per Sheet
Album Design URL (After Client Photo Selcetion)
Photobook Printing & Dispatch (After Client Approval) 

Video Editing & Dispatch Process

Non Edited Wedding Video on (Client's HD/Pen Drive)
Edited Videos (Dispatch With Prinded Album/Photobook)
Choose Video Format (DVD (SD Video) / (Pen Drive FHD Video)
Highlight Videos (With One Song 3-4 Min) (Dispatch With Printed Album)
Client are also suggest the songs for Videos before Video Editing

Check our availability & Pricing.

Get a quote right away.Discounts & offers are available on early booking !

Planning your Wedding Photography

Ready to tie the knot? Make sure you look and feel fabulous at that moment, with nothing to worry about with our tips & suggestions to planning for your wedding photography.

Make a plan for your Pre-wedding photos

Do you want preparation/getting ready photographs of both the bride and groom? It’s a lovely way to see what you were each doing before the ceremony, and highlights all the details you took so much care in choosing – from hairstyle and shoes to jewellery and flowers. Your photographer can’t be in two places at once though, so if you’d like the groom photographed this needs to be planned ahead with the second photographer. Do you want some candid photographs of getting ready as well as the posed portraits & a photo session with parents & grandparents? This affects how long your photographer should be with you before departure so talk it through with them.

Be realistic with timelines

Your wedding photographer can help you plan the timings to keep your day stress free. They will be there ahead of you, They will always be there ahead of you, with plenty of time to reach and set up to capture your arrival at both the wedding ceremony and the reception. Check ahead whether their is any access restrictions with that location. Don’t pressure yourself by rushing to tight timings between hair and makeup, and car pickups. Just relax and enjoy the anticipation, they can’t start without you!

Location, location, location

You’ve picked your venue for a reason, or perhaps your photographer helped you choose, but feel free to make a list of any dream shots you’d like to see in your collection. Don’t be shy, a good photographer will be inspired by hearing your thoughts and will of course add their own flavour too. Your wedding photographer will advise you on the best position for light, effect, drama and color.

Think about guest dynamics

Will Aunt Smita refuse to stand next to Uncle Deepak? Do you want to make sure you get some photos of your grandparents together, or all the nieces and nephews? Make a list of the must-have guest portraits, special guests, and any family dynamic ‘issues’ that could cause impromptu conflict. A good wedding photographer can subtly make sure it all goes smoothly if forewarned.

Photographers are people too

Wedding photography shoots are often very long days (or nights), so remember to provide your photographer with some refreshments or a snack. Ask the caterers to time this so it doesn’t clash with the speeches though! Bands can stop then, but photographers or videographers should eat when guests do. Make sure you reserve some parking for your photographer near the entrance, so they can’t miss a precious moment.

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Contact us for Pre-wedding, wedding, Engagement, Ring ceremony, Post-wedding, Maternity, Couple, Birthday, Anniversary, New-born Babies & Kids, Thread ceremony, Outdoor &  Events Photography & Videography.

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Locations we serve

Our Wedding Photography & Videography services are available to all cities & towns of India.
Odisha ☑ Bhubaneswar ☑ Cuttack Puri Berhampur Balasore

Kolkata ☑ Patna  Ranchi ☑ Jamshedpur

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