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We are the most renowned wedding photography service provider in Bhubaneswar, Odisha. (Photographing since 2012). We specialize in pre-wedding photoshoot, candid wedding photography & cinematic wedding film production. We offer top quality photos & videos to our valuable clients throughout India.


We are here to blend our experiences of creativity and technicality to give you an exquisite result in photography and videography. To make your wedding day memorable, We have a wide range of services for you to choose from. Our style is primarily photojournalistic, capturing your big day in candid and natural photos. Except for candid photoshoot, we also value traditional wedding photography, posed portraits of the bride and groom. However, at the time of editing, we keep these pictures natural and simple, with no cheesiness. We do have a team of a technically qualified group of best professional photographers, who are expert and energetic at work and very friendly and cooperative in nature. Our expert photographers & cinematographers are always ready to provide you the best services you always seek for. Our patrons can buy these services as per their necessities at a reasonable price.


We love what we do ! We do what we Love !

From the entrance to the grand exit – full event shoot. We think it's especially very essential to give the maximum coverage of an occasion.

We absolutely love weddings. It's the reason we picked to have practical experience in shooting them. As a professional wedding photographer, our main responsibility is to catch your unique love story through our camera so looking back on your marriage photographs you can recollect beautiful memories of your best day. That is the reason we feel it's important to incorporate entire day shooting in each Engagement, Ring ceremony or wedding rituals and ceremonies!

Pre-wedding & post-wedding Couple photo session.

One of the keys to getting a great duet portrait needs proper planning. We always care for creating such beautiful scenery by selecting the best places for a pre-wedding shoot in your city, arranging suitable photography props before capturing those fantastic images.

Moments of the day.

Indian weddings are brimming with happiness, feelings, emotions, celebrations and full of charming moments. In various cultures & societies of India have their own different kinds of rituals & ceremonies in almost every Indian marriage functions. There are a few candid moments that play the most important role In a Bride or a Groom's life. Our expert photographers capture them in a creative manner and continue their shoot without limiting the numbers of photos.

Every detail matter. In each wedding ceremony, we capture each and every moment through the storytelling images to store for a lifetime.

Our cameramen generally attempt to capture every single subject in each wedding photography assignment. Furthermore, we generally love to shoot real emotions, feelings and most precious moments! It might be an engagement, wedding customs or ceremony. Every single detail makes a difference for us to be caught on our camera as an eye-catching real to life picture.

For all the fun, laughter & joy - We'll Be There For All Of It!

In the event that you are scanning for us at the venue during the reception, look towards the guest gathering or dance floor. That is regularly where we will record the fun, giggling, killer moves, and sentiments of every one of your loved ones. You won't discover us on the edges of the room checking my phone to perceive what time it is.


We additionally give a set of photograph collections by illustrating, designing album sheets and printed photobooks. There are numerous alternatives to pick your photo album collection type, structures, and sizes.

Pre-wedding Photography

Our life is a wonderful remembrance of recollections achieved with fondness. Nothing can remunerate the excellence and feelings joined with the memories went through with the affection for our life, our loved one.

Since bliss is a decision which requires exertion now and again . Also, that exertion prospers out to become excessive power of profound devotion when both the hands get entrapped to become one .

Pre-wedding photography , a delightful pattern , set to make the adoration flying creatures remember those lovely snapshots of their life , over again . For them to think back to those cynosure of life , before venturing up into the new period of their lives.

we have proficient pre-wedding photographer in Bhubaneswar to satisfy your needs. We catch the patterns, the styles, tints, structures, and hues. Utilizing every most recent stock, we catch quality pre-wedding snapshots of yours.

Every single step would then after be as one . For lives ahead. Till the end. To the new beginnings of seeing each other fall and get each other. Minutes loved for the whole score of life.

Accordingly , here at SNAP CITY , we ensure that our customers feel back that appeal contacted by the quality of adoration, with each snap, gaining those experiences a capacity of affection and feelings for the whole life.

Starting at all your grin matters to us the most. Till the begin to end of your enormous day. We assume the liability to pen down the most excellent fantasy. We have confidence in loving your advantages. For the delightful bond, you have stayed up with your adoration. Since you are not our customers but rather you mean family to us.

Cinematic Pre-wedding Video

A pre-wedding shoot is a point at which the prospective love birds head out with their photographers to a location of their choice to capture some romantic images talk about the wedding story.

Most of the couples want to have a storytelling cinematic pre-wedding video & a bunch of eye-catching pictures of their special dates.

Candid Wedding Photography

A few minutes that aren't presented at this point feel the extinguish of getting clicked, to store as a memory for the whole life, so that whenever you see them, eyes get tentalized, recollections and the entire endeavor streak in as the most delightful adventure. Furthermore, that is the means by which real photography originates from.

It is catching the scarcest minutes, that isn't precise. May be an enhanced motioned or any a piece of the life, when the face precasts unhappiness. A minute caught with all unconscious warrant draws out each conceivable memory depicting a wonderful still, taken from the world. It is additional standard craftsmanship to enhance recollections, at any place, at whenever.

All things considered, starting at all weddings are a greater part of recollections and happenings, open photography is scratched out best there. Normal by character, unconstrained by workmanship. Characteristic sincere photography includes an uncommon appeal by catching every one of these minutes. What's more, in this way our group, in light of the fact that comprehend what minute intend to you and we really feel special to catch those.

Here at SNAPCITY we guarantee you to give the most wonderful experience hence by making your large day an appealing fantasy, for you to value for your entire life

Wedding Movie,Teaser & Highlights

Wedding video production that documents a beautiful wedding on traditional or storytelling cinematic video. The final product of the videographer's documentation is commonly called as a marriage video. It is also referred to as a wedding movie or a film.

Wedding Cinematography is another term that sounds to an ever-increasing extent.Couples who are to be married and are seeking videographers & Cinematographers for their wedding. Within the wedding videography industry it has taken on the following meaning: It is captured and edited for the special effects and dramatic mood.

SNAPCITY's videography and cinematography experts guarantee full occasion coverage along with our personalized video editing services.

Why SNAP CITY called the best wedding photographer in Bhubaneswar?

It is said that Marriages are made in paradise yet we are the observers on the earth. The cupid attempts to unite them and we work to catch their snapshots of being as one. It isn't only a legitimate confirmation given to the obligation of the couple however the festivals of a fresh start. What's more, here we are to incorporate every one of the sentiments of the lady , her family , the man of the hour, his family, companions and all the new connections.

SnapCity being one of the top wedding photographers in Bhubaneswar, Odisha offers you best wedding photography that will remain everlastingly as a memory of yours. On the off chance that you are hoping to catch the lovely snapshots of your existence with the most recent development and experienced engineering, reach us today! We are simply found near you and our administrations are very moderate.

From the sparkle of the earings to the ring of the bangles to the radiance of the eyes of the lady of the hour and husband to be, from the bends of their grins to the excellence of their exceptional day that is the thing that we catch. We record to every moment subtleties with most extreme earnestness and sympathy . For our work isn't only well known in our city yet it has spread it's magnificence outside it too. Our work watches accuracy and inventiveness . Our popularity lies as far as you can tell. What's more, in this way our undertaking is your satisfaction.

We are a team of leading professional photographers in Bhubaneswar, Odisha.

We bring you down to invite you with the best of experience you would have never observed. What's more, hence we guarantee you with the best of experience stepped with the best of recollections. A minute caught with all unconscious warrant draws out each conceivable memory depicting an excellent still, taken from the world. It is an additional common workmanship to decorate recollections, at any place, whenever.

We even guarantee you with the best of administrations, regarding drawing out the miracle recollections of your life as photography, cinematography and a wide range of craftsmanship. With the most committed group, we guarantee you an encounter more than ever.

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“We get to decide what the future generations are going to witness about the union of their parents or grandparents. And it reminds us how important a role we’ve actually been blessed with as a marriage photographer. Every real wedding is unique and so is our responsibility.”


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